Saturday, October 5, 2013

A comment left on my friend Norah Holloway's page over on Facebook.

Wicked comment left on one of the threads on my wall. Read and Enjoy.

"I'm pretty anti government and pretty fricken anti police, justice and democracy have been completely perverted and are at the root of systemic illnesses in all areas that are supposed to maintain peace, balance, truth, justice, health & well being....we wage wars under the guise of peacekeeping, preach equality but judge each other by income class ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and almost any other way we can separate ourselves all the while working everyday in a system that concentrates wealth and power to an elite minority; we are constantly lied to and misguided by corporate media manipulation and information blackouts and manufactured truth; you have to pay for justice in courts that swear never to state facts in a courtroom, and peace officers are now law enforcement with the intent of charging people with petty criminal acts for profit and labelling them for future profit (repeat offences cause fines to go up) : ie. traffic violations, drug charges, and all those other kooky by laws and outrageous legislation preventing non corporate entities the right to compete against corrupt corporate giants; apparently the HEALTH of the intangible economy and GDP are more important than climate change, deforestation, ocean acidification, endangered keystone species, extreme radiation release ( fukashima aka Oh FUK!) or global pollution from fossil fuel industry and the geo climatic engineering destroying our finite planet; healthcare which should be preventative is now is the reverse its actually illness & pharmaceutical based instead of proactive and education/prevention based; & well being....Well, that's based on how well the government and corporate giants are deceiving us into complacency and how much profit they are taking in from our working class lives.

So in the immortal and poetic words of N.W.A, "fuck the police.""

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