Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Right to Travel Freely is Guaranteed

THE Sovereign individuals have a Constitutionally Guaranteed and Lawful RIGHT TO TRAVEL Freely throughout the United States without the need of permission or a license from any State, City or Political Subdivision.

After the natural laws of the universe, the Constitution for the United [Sovereign Republic] States of America is the supreme law of the land. The United States Supreme Court decisions are the only authorized interpretations of that supreme law. Next to the Constitution, in superior authority, are all treaties made or which shall be made by the United States. Then, the fifty titles of the United States code are next in authority as law in the United States of America. Every state constitution is subordinate to and subject to these aforementioned Supreme Laws of the land.
If the Constitution for the United States of America and its Supreme Court decisions state you have the right to travel freely throughout the United States without the need or encumbrance of a “Driver’s License:” Then, NO state law can overrule or contradict that law and those decisions.
If the United States code plainly states what a “Motor Vehicle” is, then NO state has the right to interpret it differently. Nor, can they ignore, usurp, abrogate, nullify or overrule the U.S. Code.
If the United States is a signatory of an International Treaty or Convention, then every state in the union is a signatory of, bound by, subject to and are to uphold that treaty.
Surprisingly enough, every state constitution and state law, which I have so far read, does comply with and acknowledge the “paramount authority” of the Constitution for the United States and federal laws, to their own states’ constitution, laws and statutes.Exactly what does the Constitution, supreme court decisions and U.S. Code say about the citizen’s right to travel?
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