Monday, September 16, 2013

We have been ENSLAVED..

I'm going Public.... Share this and help protect Your Freedoms as it is Our Duty to defend Rights to secure them for future generations...

We struggle against a CORPORATE entity that has enslaved the People through sheer ignorance and their best weapon against Us is Your silence...

I am going to bring our little city to the Truth through exposure by way of a Very Public stand in Private Venue..

Each transgression against me will serve two fold...

1. Furthered evidence gathered for MASSIVE suits, Civil and Criminal against each individual, all "employers/shareholders" and bondholders involved.

2. I am Loved, looked upon for help and Respected by the masses in my city and with each word I utter, the Truth spreads. The more fuel added by these De-Facto "courts", the more in this city will Rally behind me in our fight for our very Freedom.

They may strap me down, beat me until my blood falls like rain or lock me away and all they will have done is reinforced my point...

We have been ENSLAVED.....

So all suggestions on how to push my story and the facts to the People in my community will be appreciated..

Perhaps I will be renting space in the local papers, Craigslist, Bargain Hunter, passing out flyers, videos, gathering witnesses to attend city council meetings where I will bring this on the public record, rallies/cookouts/block parties and anything I can put my face, commitments, and passion into to defend against the missinformation and abuse perpetrated against me/us.

I call on everyone who knows me and what kind of man I am to help me in my efforts by telling your friends.

We have been ENSLAVED..

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