Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Uniform Bonding Code Part 2

The Bonding Problem

    As human population increases and mutual human tolerance decreases, municipal corporations tend to become less sensitive to individual human needs and tend to become more antisocial toward the public.  It has been put crudely that municipal corporations become slaughterhouse operations with law enforcement officers running the sledgehammer department.  Judges ignore the rights of the people and legislators generate heaps of laws, without perfecting the ones already existing to make them fit for bonding.  Defective statutes and defective legal processes become an invitation for every sort of official malpractice and malfeasance including economic oppression, and the public, in retaliation, begins suing for every injury, putting the heat on the bonding companies.

I will be posting another part of this every day. To read the whole article now, here's the link:

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