Saturday, June 22, 2013

So, why don't we just run out with our guns and murder all the bastards we consider oppressive government?

One name: Spartacus [part 1]

  While it's true that this Thracian Gladiator Slave led a very successful armed rebellion in old Rome, the result was somewhat less than a spectacular success. While technically he won the battles, there was never an end in sight. No strategy beyond the next fight. No plan to actually win the war he began. So ultimately he was defeated.

  Sure, everyone can run out with their guns and get their pound of flesh, but to what end? Even if DC were to be stricken from the map along with every STATE capital, where would we be? Right back at the start. And if you think these bastard pigs are bad now, just wait till ya get a load of the standing army that we would have then! Kiss any adhesion or pretend following of the rule of Posse Commantatus goodbye forever! Hmmm, gee wizz Beaver, could that be the plan? 


  There are two main groups of people in this world. Those who understand their sovereign rights, and those who don't. From here on out, for the rest of this story, I will refer to those who do not know their rights as slaves. It's funny how those who choose to remain ignorant of the law believe that slavery has been abolished everywhere except for some dark and unknown third world country. It's actually much more prevalent in first world countries. While the whips and chains, for the most part, have been done away with, the citizenry have been tricked into consensual slavery. They loudly proclaim how free they are, while not having a single clue what their rights are. Or for that matter, the difference between a right and a civil liberty.

Too be continued.........

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