Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blog And Link List Statement

  •  If anyone wants me to add them to either of these lists, I will need to first research what your saying and approve of the message. If your selling a book or video course, I will need to read your books or see your video's before I will do a promo for you. Leave a comment if your interested.

  • Everything I do on this blog, and everything I promote, I do absolutely 100% FREE! I will never monetize it and have a bunch of BAR member legal adds popping up all over the place. I do not charge for my promo's either. The purpose of the blog is simply to shout out other sources of good information to help people in need. I consider it a responsibility to share what I know, and to help People find others that are looking for legitimate info and to cut the crap and bullshit artists out of the picture completely. If everyone did this, the BS artists would be out of a job scamming people. When a freshly awakened goes on a Google search, the first ten things they find wouldn't be the dis-info sites and pay me shills if everyone started a blog like this. If you sell your info, that's all good, but it must be genuine usable information. How to use UCC will not be accepted. [few exceptions to the UCC rule may apply at my own discretion] I may separate the site list I have set up already into two groups. One list for dealing with the fiction, for those who are not ready yet to be free People, and the main list dealing with separating yourself from that fiction and taking your place as one of the People.

  • Generally speaking, being added to one of these lists represents a personal recommendation and or endorsement by me. I will NOT just post something I have not researched and find to be factual. This blog is not Facebook. I refuse to be compromised.

    Cleaning up the initial blog setup. I had three categories for all the below link list information. Other sites, blogs, and other places. Why make it so confusing? I guess at the time I had my reasons? I also added a couple here and on the radio program link list. I'll be adding more as they become available to the two remaining lists.

    Freedom links to other sites and web pages. Bill Thornton
    Ayn Rand Institute
    Cop Block
    Cottonwood Connection
    Dean Clifford Info
    Law Movement Forums & Resources
    Mikiverse Law
    Redress Right Exercising Rights Under The Law
    Sui Juris Law
    World Freeman Society

    Radio list.
    Rule Of Law Radio
    Freedomizer Radio
    Blog Talk Radio
    Revolution Radio
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