Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sui Juris Law - The Self Governing [GET THE BOOK!]

I could really use a couple sales today. 1 or 2 copies would do the trick. Anyone who has been considering getting the book and has not yet, who does so in the next 8 hours, until 11pm EST, will be able to take advantage of an old deal I was offering, that I no longer offer, but am offering again for this limited time only. I will allow 1 free hour of personal 1 on 1 phone contact time to discuss the subject matter of the book. The book itself while being an excellent source of information in general, for some reason when the things I explain in the book are articulated verbally in several different ways, people really grasp these concepts quicker. All my readers and members, please do all that you can to drive as many people to get my book as possible. This is not just a financially motivated objective, but more so than money, the dissemination of this information at a faster rate is the true goal. The little money I charge compared to the value of the information I offer is just enough to cover costs so I can continue doing this work without having to slave away for someone else, which frees up my time to be here helping people. The more people who get my book, the faster this will all come about, and the sooner we will enjoy a country once again rooted in the rule of law, the respect of each others equal individual sovereignty. 

Those of my readers who have already obtained my book for themselves could also be of great assistance to me here. I KNOW that everyone who has my book loves it, I am asking that those who have already obtained and read it, to perhaps purchase a copy for a friend or family member, someone who would benefit from the knowledge, whether they are already in the cross hairs of bureaucracy or not. It is better for people to come to my work BEFORE the shit hits the fan in their lives, so IF some bullshit with so called law enforcement officers pops off they will be prepared to handle it preemptively.

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