Saturday, June 29, 2013

Real Criminals Wearing Suits, Costumes, And Robes

What we have is a group of REAL CRIMINALS, wearing suits (attorneys) , uniforms (cops), and black robes (judges), committing REAL TRUE CRIMES, and doing so against LAW ABIDING PEOPLE, wearing the costume of "THE LAW".

By: Rob Johnson

The last week or so for me has been very difficult, and extremely trying, taxing and vexing to say the least. I am at a point where I no longer believe that it is
possible to save this country, and the divinely inspired supreme law which used to dwell in each of us. Today the law is USED to oppress the people that it is supposed to protect. Those who are involved in positions of law enforcement, including attorneys and judges, at every level across the country down to each small town and even villages, are completely insane.

That is what it all comes down to, everyone involved in the existing system, that aspect of it which has transformed law and justice from a tool to protect the people and their freedom, into a tool to protect the revenue stream the state has been shamelessly sucking off of for its survival. TODAY, I went with my friend to the Town of Hamburg, regarding a violation ticket he got. He got scheduled a pretrial conference with the town attorney. What is so ridiculous is the irrational, damned near violent, without question unprofessional, and unnecessarily rude manner the assistant town attorney spoke to my friend with. Within a few seconds of entering this "conference room" and asking only 1 question about being scheduled for a trial, my friend asked, "will this be a jury trial", this assistant town attorney became visibly, obviously, and irrationally irate. And he was every bit as ignorant as he was angry.

This pretrial conference was scheduled before his hearing because of the notice he sent in in response to the violation ticket. At this conference, my friend was supposed to be informed as to the cause and nature of the charges and proceedings against him. He did not even get a chance to ask most of his questions. After he asked about the nature of the trial it was evident that this assistant attorney intended to do nothing but attempt to intimidate him. AND, on top of this, he also refused my friend his right to a jury trial.

I have lost faith completely in what is called the justice system today. There is nothing just about it. The courts used to be about getting to the truth of matters, whatever that truth was. LAW itself used to protect the people and their rights, but not any more.

All of this being said, I am not giving up. If nothing else it shows that mass dissemination of my work is essential more so now than ever before. These people that call themselves professionals, experts, and officers, whether they are police, attorneys, or judges, have got to be reminded who it is that they serve, and WHAT law they are to be upholding and enforcing. These delusional mad men who are pretending, that are unaware they are pretending, no different from a schizophrenic, have got to be put in their place. ALL ISSUES ASIDE, no one has a right to, nor is there ever a cause, for someone like this assistant attorney did, to raise their voice to another. Who in the hell do these mother fuckers think they are? They are not even prosecuting crime, or upholding the law, all they are doing is conducting transactions of security interests, extorting from the masses a stream of revenue, out of fear and ignorance. They are manipulative, deceitful, vindictive, and MUST be stopped, and only WE can do it.

People have to decide what it is they wish for themselves and their children. And people have to make a choice, grow some balls, and refuse to capitulate to fear porn propaganda designed to foster their compliance with things that should never be called law. No matter how far they take it, regardless of any concern, I will never quit, I will never give up this fight. I will never be defeated by these people, hell they are not even coming after me.

And when I was in that conference room with my buddy that assistant attorney intimidate ME as well, asking me my name in a malicious tone with obvious malicious intent. When it came to me though I put his ass in his place and told him "don't you worry about what my name is". I wish this would have been my ticket, as opposed to it being my friend's, because he doesn't listen. He asks me to help with these things, brings me with him to help, and then does the exact opposite of what advise him to do. So now, my friend was scheduled a trial date, but we are going to defeat this whole issue with pretrial motions. In addition I am going to file a grievance with the bar against this assistant town attorney, as well as criminal charges for his crimes. He DID violate my friend's right to a jury trial, even after it was insisted upon.

The most disgusting part of all of this, is that all of these so called professionals, having been taught only what the system wants them to believe to continue propping it up, know nothing more about "THE LAW" than the average individual does. For the most part these criminals just make shit up as they go, and the judges rubber stamp it because the judges, lawyers, and cops, are all on the same side. Every single bit of their intimidation, exists to distract you from what you know is true, and to get you to contract with them, it is all about MONEY, it is ALL about taking YOUR money FROM YOU, and giving it to THEM. What exactly do people think that these revenues from violation tickets are used for?

People have got to wake up and come around to the simple truths of the law. They are really really easy to follow. It is only the agenda of the lie which converts justice into a revenue stream, that obfuscates the truth. It doesnt hide the truth all together, it can still be seen. The truth about the law, the beautiful simplicity, is that if you violate no one's rights, and cause no damage or injury to person or property, you have committed NO OFFENSE OF ANY KIND, certainly nothing that could require you to pay money or time to the State. If you have not done either of those things, you have BROKEN NO LAW.

So in these violation ticket situations you do not have criminals being punished by law, nor do you have the State providing a service that does anything at all of any kind to make things safer. What we have is a group of REAL CRIMINALS, wearing suits (attorneys) , uniforms (cops), and black robes (judges), committing REAL TRUE CRIMES, and doing so against LAW ABIDING PEOPLE, wearing the costume of "THE LAW". They deliberately set fines so they arent worth it to most people to fight them. They do this intentionally so it is not worth it for people to take off of work to stand up for their rights. These criminals all across the country can only be stopped by us, in MASS NON COMPLIANCE. And I will ALWAYS be here doing what I do to fight back no matter how discouraged I may get at times. I will never ever stop fighting this fight until the battle is won and the people come out on top with their freedom in tact."

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