Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Things you were taught to believe that were never true:

 By: Jeff Ganaposki
❏ Government was instituted to protect the people
❏ Government can tax incomes because the U.S. constitution was amended
❏ You cannot live nor work in the USA without a Social Security account and number
❏ Everyone born in the USA are U.S. citizens at birth

❏ You were endowed with civil and political rights / liberties
❏ America is a democracy (or constitutionally limited indirect democracy)
❏ Americans elect their leaders
__ Governments were instituted to secure rights, not protect all people. All government can do is prosecute deliberate injury after the fact. You cannot sue the government for failure to protect.
__ No government instituted to secure rights is delegated power to tax rights. Any income tax is an excise tax levied upon a revenue taxable privilege, where the amount of tax is determined by the income derived.
__ There is no law compelling participation in FICA, nor punishing non-participation in FICA.
__ The 13th amendment prohibits involuntary servitude in the United States and territories subject to THEIR jurisdiction. Since citizenship comes with mandatory civic duties, no one can be “born a citizen” within the USA. Only those outside of the USA in Federal jurisdiction may be “born a citizen.”
__ Civil and political liberties / rights are privileges granted by government. Natural and personal liberty are endowments from our Creator.
__ Americans are promised a republican form of government. However the servant government is organized as a constitutionally limited indirect democracy to serve the sovereign people.
__ Since government is servant of the sovereign people, it is not their leader. However, those who are subjects of the government must be obedient to it and the elected officers / public servants.

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