Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Begging For Marriage Permission

"The Marriage License originated from the time when Free Men and Women would occasionally intermarry with slaves. You had to get permission from the slave's owner, thus a license. After the Civil War the slaves became Property of THE UNITED STATES called 14th Amendment U.S. citizens. A STATE marriage License today gives a slave (14 th amendment U.S. citizen) permission to marry A Free Man or Woman or to marry another slave. Because 14th Amendment citizens are property of the STATE (THE UNITED STATES), they have no lawful rights of any kind because in the eyes of the Law they don't exist, they are legally dead. They cannot marry without the STATE's permission. So if you beg ( apply) for a license to marry you are affirming their claim that you are STATE PROPERTY and that the products of your marriage are STATE PROPERTY. Are you STATE PROPERTY? Are your Sons and Daughters STATE PROPERTY (SLAVES)?"

Never ever apply (beg) for a license from the STATE to do something which you have a Natural Lawful Right to do.

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