Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Conditional Acceptance for Proof of Claim

How to do a Conditional Acceptance

This is a basic Conditional Acceptance for Proof of Claim template. Some people have enough experience with creating
documents to be able to "flesh it out" for themselves. If you're not one of them, see below for the assistance we can provide.
The most usual reason for a Conditional Acceptance (CA) is someone asking you for payment, performance of some kind,
which you do not think they are entitled to. You would word the CA saying that you will accept their claim that you owe
them x amount of $ upon proof of claim that they can produce a valid contract making you liable for such debt (or such
performance). Just replace the text in the highlighted sections with the facts that fit your own case and you'll have a better
understanding of the concept.
Your documents can be served by a notary and responses can be directed to the notary so that at the completion of the
process, if the matter is not settled, the notary can issue
a Notice of Non-Response / Certificate of Dishonor (COD).
Here is a sample CA just so you know what it looks like:

I highly recommend this book!
Sui Juris The Law of Full Age Your Sovereign Claim to Unaleinable Individual Rights.
It goes into detail on how to use the notice process. 

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