Saturday, October 19, 2013

Registering Your Privatly Owned Automobile

 "Everyone behind the wheel of their privately traveled-in automobiles has absolutely no requirement to register their cars with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in ANY state, unless they are engaged in a professional driving capacity that limited to providing transportation in exchange for revenue. The only reason people do register their autos is by threat of violence by the racketeering enterprises.

Lastly, lest anyone reading this give me the worn-out argument that because of the routine hand-over to the DMV of the title documents of every new car sold by every dealership (called the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, or ...Statement of Origin, MCO or MSO, respectively), this creates a lawful ownership of the "vehicles" by the DMV, is only valid if one accepts the notion that the DMV rightfully acquired the property for valuable consideration -- which they don't (in spite of rumor that the dealers get paid for the illegal transfer of such docs by the DMV).

Such surreptitious transfers to the DMV of the title documents of autos sold, in conspiracy with the dealers constitutes illegal conversions or theft by deception from the actual automobile buyers. Believing this scam purports to claim its rationale is due to the 1933 bankruptcy of the corporate United States, in no way subjugates the people of any state into compromising the sovereignty they inherently possess -- by stealing their attempts to acquire property using one only medium of exchange permitted to circulate as money, regardless of the debt instruments they are (i.e. FRNs)." - Robyna Choleton

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