Thursday, October 17, 2013


noun: legalese
The formal and technical language of legal documents that is often hard to understand.
'Understand' in law, means stands-under, means excepted, means agreed. That is where you plead guilty now, In the reading of the charge, thanks to a clever legal play on words, permitted but not lawful or moral. They skip every thing required, short circuit it, by obtaining your consent that you are bagged and tagged and have no defense, and then skip back and pretend like you have not already pleaded guilty. "You have a right to this... and you have a right to that... " setting you up for 2nd class citizenship civil rights, which are inferior to natural rights in that they are the rights of wards, and incompetent persons legally incapacitated, BY WORD PLAY STUPID! Not guilty is a negative that cannot be proven, an invention of lawyers and the legislature designed to supplant and replace INNOCENCE.

You have just sacrificed INNOCENCE for NOT GUILTY by consenting to Understand- Stand Under being subject to rules, regulations and statutes, negative law, that you are immune, protected, and privileged to not be governed by as a matter of positive law, being a natural, and not a corporate PERSON, as one of many legal status classifications in law intentionally misapplied by EVERYBODY.

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