Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We Are The Creditors Not The Debtors

By: Shaun Lane

Think about this...The 10 square mile are known as WASHINGTON, D.C. (CORPORATION) is the only district which is located in the United States that is NOT part of the United States...All US citizens are under custodial arrest 24/7,a US citizen is a bonded corporation, it is not you, the UNITED STATES is not a country it is a corporation, through adhesion contracts ... voter registration, drivers licenses, you agreed to pay all the debts of the parent corporation along with the BAR association they pass as many "laws" as they possibly can to collect funds from your bond trust account that's set up via your birth cert and ss-5 form, if and when you get arrested a bond is filed out and you through your dishonor and UN awareness plead not guilty, you as the real creditor for the US bond are in default and are held in contempt your vessel body is then stored in a warehouse as collateral and the default judgement is insured security on the stock exchange, that's how they make money.we are actually the creditors not debtors and through our good natured ignorance and brain washed patriotism. The CORPORATION called the USA has turned us into bonded debt slaves with a giant dollar sign on are heads....We live in a giant prison grid,and the reason they want to tag or microchip their slaves is so you can no longer refute the strawman fiction....We have all been deceived and betrayed!

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