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  Most Americans suffer from cognitive dissonance when told that most laws aren’t applicable to everyone or don’t really mean what they think. This is not unreasonable, since we’re all victims of the world’s greatest propaganda ministry. But let us consider that law is law and what it says trumps what we were told to think it said.
To illustrate: involuntary servitude is banned by the 13th amendment (except after conviction). In addition, the Declaration of Independence reminds us that job #1 = secure rights, and job #2 = govern those who consent. Obviously governments instituted under its authority would have no power to govern / compel unless securing rights or by consent.

If a law is enacted that appears to impose involuntary servitude there are only two possibilities : it is to secure a right (involving prosecution for an injury) or it was authorized by your consent.

A quick check of showed that one had to supply a SSN or acquire one before they would process the application. Since participation in FICA/ Social Security is 100% voluntary, the ACA is also voluntary. If one is NOT a participant and therefore NOT a taxpayer, there is no way to assess a tax penalty.

Unfortunately, the great herd of sheeple will be herded into their more constrictive pens, to be sheared even more.

The irony is that the irate folks who are misled to agitate within the democratic form are still granting consent. Even the hope of a third party ( such as the Libertarian party) gaining a majority is futile. One cannot restore liberty and sovereignty by legislation, when the exercise of political liberty requires their surrender. (Political liberty and public service are both a step down in status)

The law that is in harmony with the republican form is still on the books. The sovereign American, free inhabitant, domiciled upon private property within the boundaries of these united States of America retains his endowment of rights (inalienable and natural) and liberties (natural and personal), and oath bound government is his servant, not his master.

I have not read all law, but I have yet to find a law that trespasses upon those who are under the republican form of government.

This generation faces the challenge to insure that the best form of government is not eradicated by its enemies, foreign or domestic.

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