Monday, November 4, 2013

Only slaves ask for permission to exercise rights.

Actually, the title to this post is wrongheaded. Slaves don't have rights. They only are granted privileges by their masters. They MUST beg for permission to exercise those privileges.

Think about that the next time your about to beg them for permission to do something.
Ask yourself:

1. Is what I want to do lawful to do?
a) If yes, then why do you need to be licensed to do it?
b) If No, then how would asking government somehow make it a lawful activity?

2. Is it my right to do this?

3. Do I have the right to do this?

4. Does it harm another or their rights if I do this?

5. Is there ANY fraud involved? (Gov can not license fraudulent activities, even though they do it all the time)

6. Does my asking for permission to do lawful acts grant them my consent to step in and tell me what to do?

7. Do they then have MY permission to tell me just how I can exercise a right because I consented by asking for their permission?

8. Who died and made them god?

9. Are they MY public servants or MY masters?
a) If public servants, then why are you asking them for permission to exercise your rights?
b) If "masters" then learn why granting them your consent makes that so! And learn what granting them your consent even means!
c) Do I even have rights after I granted them to someone else?

Some stuff to think about before you go begging some pointy headed bureaucrat public servant for permission to exercise your rights such as a constitutionally protected right to bear arms. 

I disagree with some of the information presented in this video, but for the most part, I do agree with the content.

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