Sunday, November 3, 2013

Protesting By Consenting Subjects

Here's a great example of citizens asking to get a spanking. Actually, for a citizen to say this could be construed as treason.
The bill of rights only tells gov to leave the rights of the People alone. Citizens gave up those rights when they consented to be governed. So when you see a protester arrested, and they are complaining that their rights have been violated, what has really happened is their 'civil liberties' (privileges) have not been respected. They can try to sue over it so long as the illusion that civil liberties / civil rights are the same thing as natural rights, protected by the bill of rights, is still being maintained. To 'PROTEST' 'YOUR GOVERNMENT,' think about the words your using. By taking part in 'protesting' what your doing is saying "I'm a bad little subject and want to be punished." "I am standing UNDER your authority by my own consent." If you want to beg your masters to change their ways, your gonna get spanked. They are not YOUR public servants when you consent to stand UNDER them! At that point they become your masters and ya better do as they tell you.

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