Monday, November 18, 2013

A Fifty Five Year Prison Sentence For $350 Worth Of Marijuana?

It's sad that these things are allowed to happen to citizens. I can't stand the word 'crime' being used to describe something that is NOT a crime. No harm to another or their property, NO fraud committed, NO violation of another's rights, NO Corpus Delecti = NO CRIME! The fact that he had a gun is merely pre-crime supposition. There was NO act committed with the weapon. The charge is based only on his ability to act in a unlawful manner while doing something deemed illegal by the community he grants his consent to be governed by. The only real thing he's guilty of is granting the thieving pirates consent to govern him and not learning the law (<- lawful vs legal) and what his rights are. 

Read the article here:

For the record, I do not use MJ, but the lawlessness the authorities are using to prosecute people innocent of any crime deeply disturbs me and IS A CRIME! 

It is also disturbing that almost everyone in the so called 'LEGALIZATION' movement are being bamboozled by the same ass hats who would like to make some money off of them and throw them in jail for these non crimes. To possess, smoke, or even sell MJ is not a crime PERIOD! It is a right! People have no damn idea what rights even are, and BEG these ass hats to legalize stuff that they have no business regulating in the first place! MAKE NO DAMN MISTAKE ABOUT IT! LEGALIZATION IS REGULATION! If weed were criminal in the first place, then how could a gov body make it noncriminal by forcing you to beg them for a license or permit and pay them money to do it? Does the gov have some magic moral authority that changes a criminal act into a noncriminal act by their act of extortion?

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