Monday, November 4, 2013

Be Honest With Yourself

COMMENT: "When police pull you over for a victimless 'offense' you are being threatened with murder? Making that claim is a bit extreme."
Cash: "Be honest with yourself. When you support government, or a government 'regulation' or 'ban' you are, by proxy since you used badged thugs representing you, threatening to cage people who disobey your gang. If those people resist being caged by you and your thugs, on principle, you want the violence escalated to whatever is necessary to force compliance.

If they resist their caging they will be murdered...not killed in self defense, since they were not the ones initiating the violence, but MURDERED. If you support a state and its victimless crime laws, you want people caged and shot if they resist the dictates of your 'majority' dictatorship. Honesty, telling the truth, can never be called extreme. You can't be TOO honest. It's impossible to be an honesty 'extremist.' Lying is extreme, not truth."

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