Monday, September 16, 2013

To Withdraw Consent

"To withdraw consent is far-reaching. It means a divorce from the state insofar as this is possible. It means having no loyalty to the state, seeing the state as fundamentally unfair and a source of continual injustices, being unwilling to help the state in any way, assuming and feeling no responsibility for the state’s actions, and seeing the state as hostile to peace and society. It means not participating in its rituals and having no appreciation of its symbols or myths. It means a psychological divorce from feeling positive about or approving of its victories. It means working toward the state’s opposite, that is, living together in freedom, friendship, comity and peace, i.e., in society." 
- Michael S. Rozeff

Really, the biggest part of Ron Paul's message was to opt out. Too bad that most of his followers didn't pick up on that note. I'm sure he was not allowed to talk about it in great detail. HE GAVE HIS FOLLOWERS THE ANSWER, and they chose not to listen. Well,,, most of them...

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