Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Right To Travel Is Guaranteed

Hierarchies create the problem FIRST

 This is one of the many example’s that show how hierarchies evolve power brokerage cartels.  It’s all about control over other human beings. You have to know a whole bunch of useless information “laws”  to “prove” that you have the “right” to exist and not bother anyone while feeding yourself and your family.  In a non hierarchical , non bureaucratic, voluntaryist  society, we would be expending our creative energies to make the world a better place.  People would not be wasting their time writing or reading the following information and being concerned about having to pay or not pay our “tribute” for a “license” to do something that is as basic as eating or breathing.  The ability to travel is long since documented a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.
Now the BORG Agents (COPS) are programed to contract with those unsuspecting slaves the “pull over”.   The courts can charge those a ‘penalty” for not following the rules, the unsuspecting slave agreed to follow when you got your “drivers license”.  Basically when you go to “court”, it’s  really an administrative hearing. They are not going to hear these arguments BECAUSE your car is titled with the state, you have insurance and you have a drivers license.  You are operating in commerce and therefore you are “Driving” and you loose.
I suggest you read the following Transportation Stop Action Script. I have not used it yet however you are putting the BORG agent on notice that he is not following the rules.  Its just another leg to stand on.  It is HIGHLY recommended!

I'm adding this blog to the link list on the side bar. They seem to be spot on.

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