Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just another round of tightening the noose of servitude

Just another round of tightening the noose of servitude while further demonizing those who are victims while the real welfare recipients are getting drunk with stealing the product of everyone's labor.

If someone is posting this meme, then it shows a complete lack of understanding of the events going on in the world around them. Ignorance is in fashion these days!

By: NeoRocker Humanitarian Drummer

"If you support such infringements as this on individual choices and sanctity of personal responsibility by imposing that all fit into one MOLD and the STATE must dictate it, you suffer from Stockholm Syndrome (Embracing the oppression of your captor). QUIT demanding that the STATE be your nanny by FORCING OTHERS to abide by your subjective opinions on how others should live their lives. The "Welfare" of others is minding your own fucking business! Individuals that *CHOSE* to live such toxic lives suffer at their own hands and are very easily identified without the invasion of placing everyone in the same boat by giving AUTHORITY to an entity through LEGALITY to stroke your egotistical subjective control issues."

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