Thursday, September 26, 2013

How much sour milk does one need to drink before they discover that the nanny States tit is bad?

I was just going over some old posts here when I realized this meme deserved some commentary and I had given it none. I shared it on fellow freedom advocate Robert Menard's Facebook page. Thought I would just copy and paste the post here.
Why Sovereignty may be a doomed concept for the masses.
Like you've said Robert, people need to grow up and get out from under their (governments) roof and on their own. Most people buying the big lie, when they turn 18, just trade in their natural parents for government. They go from being a dependent of their parents to being a dependent of the machine / fiction / State. Government becomes both mother and father threw that dependency. So long as they continue providing the State with their consent to be dependent on the State, they trade in their sovereign rights for privileges and are treated as children. When they complain, they are then punished like children. Running with scissors is not a crime, but it may get you a spanking if you get caught doing it if you remain a dependent child / STATE citizen.
 Instead of using the term 'wake up' I prefer using the term 'grow up' for that reason. A child can be awake, but still is a child dependent on mother and father.

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