Saturday, November 2, 2013

Notice Of Appeal

 The official Notice Of Appeal form (CR-120)

Detailed instructions located at the Prison Law Office website.,Jan2012.pdf

I'm just learning this process. I figure that one day I will be stuck in a jail for challenging these glorified mall security guards who like to deny Peoples rights. I also assume that I will be completely be without any outside help. I look at this as a survival skill while inside. I'm not talking about worrying about some jailhouse bully. I'm capable of putting a hurting on someone when messed with. Just since I will be lacking things like coffee, snacks, or anything from the commissary that requires money, I could trade some legal work for these things to make my temporary home more comfortable. Oh, and to HELP SOME PEOPLE OUT WHO ARE THERE FOR NON CRIMINAL CHARGES BUT WERE TRIED WITH STATUTORY FELONIES!

If ANYONE has a sample successful appeal letter for non felonies, or that was written for felonies that were non criminal (no corpus delecti) but you were tried criminally, please share so all may learn.
PS. I just found this info on appeals.

Why do People get shot down in the State's Courts, but always win on APPEAL? 

This is some good stuff! I suggest you check it out for a better understanding of the appeals process.

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