Thursday, August 1, 2013


By: Rob Johnson

What it actually stands for, NOT by definition of an ACRONYM, BUT buy very definition of what it IS and DOES, through its ACTIONS, the BAR is the BRITISH ACCREDITATION REGISTRY. It is a British owned corporation under rule of the crown of England. EVERY SINGLE one of the State branches here including the AMERICAN "BAR" is just a franchisee branch of the BRITISH BAR. Just like McDonalds in Iraq is still McDonalds, The BAR here is STILL the BAR from ENGLAND. ITS ability to PRACTICE HERE was the cause of the war of 1812 which we LOST by the way along with the original 13th amendment preceded by article 6 articles of confederation.

The BAR a BRITISH CORPORATION, by virtue of it charter from the crown ACCREDITS ATTORNEYS in exchange for OATH OF ALLEGIANCE, with NOBLE TITLE, and the PRIVILEGE to PRACTICE law, the language of the LAW SOCIETY of England, OWNED AND COPYRIGHT belonging TO that corporation. Practicing law is earning a living using someone elses copyright intellectual property. THEIR Language which is CONFUSED with actual American LAW which is actually our shared equal individual unlimited rights and freedoms. THAT is the LAW. Anyway, this entity in England, maintains a record of ALL those to whom noble title is exchanged, and ESQUIRE is a NOBLE TITLE. ALL attorneys in America today practice law, they practice a language and make you believe it binds you. its a FRAUD.

So to recap, even though the BAR may not ACTUALLY mean BRITISH ACCREDITATION REGISTRY, that is the most ACCURATE acronym for those letters to mean by virtue of the actions and self evident obvious truth of what this entity does and where this entity is located. The FEDERAL RESERVE is no more American than the BAR is. I hope this clears things up. The war of 1812 began because of the original 13th amendment which sought as article 6 of confederation, to prohibit noble titles, BAR ATTORNEYS or SQUIRES or ESQUIRES, from holding OUR OFFICES. One in fact like OBAMA who has sworn allegiance to the BAR in exchange for the NOBLE TITLE HE STILL HOLDS, ESQUIRE, is completely ineligible to hold office EVEN WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL 13th AMENDMENT. WHY? Simple, because he has ALREADY sworn an oath of allegiance EVIDENCED by his very noble title esquire, he CANNOT swear an allegiance oath to the OFFICE he is about to hold, because he would have to PERJURE himself to do so. ALL attorneys serving public offices are CRIMINALS.

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