Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The “Prime Directive”

In early America, the most pressing problem that government was instituted to deal with was securing the people and their property from predation, foreign or domestic. The early American states and their people had many enemies - opportunistic invaders - foreign pirates - local villains - and conflicts with the indigenous Indian tribes. Thus the “Prime Directive” of American government was and is to “secure rights,” as in the rights to life, liberty and property ownership.

Necessary Evil?

Throughout history, weak individuals, preyed upon by the strong, have banded together, compromised their individuality and cooperated in the defense against predators. The Romans used the symbol of the fasces (bundled sticks) to demonstrate how the weak individuals become powerful when united. The bundle of sticks with the axe was a reminder of the awesome power that the many can wield. When that power is wielded for the public good, in defense against predators, it is beneficial. When that power is wielded for the benefit of predators, it becomes an abomination.

Unfortunately, human nature is easily corrupted and once powerful governments are formed, there is a tendency for abuse of that power. Thus the benign power of a united people becomes a tool for those who are unscrupulous and want that power for their own benefit. In America’s case, to prevent that from occurring, the government rule set was constrained to only two jobs:
[1] Secure rights (endowed by our Creator); and
[2] Govern those who consent.

The basic idea was that those who consented to be part of government would step down in status, accept mandatory civic duties, be held to a higher standard of behavior, in exchange for political liberty - voting and holding public office. In short, the citizenry were truly servants of the sovereign people and of the government.

Unfortunately, that wise plan was abandoned in the 1820s, and the transition from the republican form to the democratic form of government resulted. With universal suffrage, any warm blooded adult male could vote, often influenced by bribes and free liquor, so that the office holders were no longer statesmen and servants, but panderers and power brokers. The rise of the partisan political parties changed American governments from humble servants into despots and tyrants, meddling and taxing and regulating that which it should not.

And by surrendering to the financial powers via usury and bankruptcy, the unholy alliance of collectivists and usurers have brought America to the brink of destruction, if not over it.

The question before Americans is this : is this what YOU want? Do you want to be a serf, a cog, a part of the “Great Machine” operated by the Central State? Or do you wish to be a sovereign individual, in full possession of all your endowed rights, capable of exercising all powers, and at liberty to be sovereign, free and independent?

Do you wish to be a servant of the State, or to be served by the State?

But don’t wait too long to make your decision. That power may be forcibly taken from you very soon.

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