Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sui Juris - Getting THE TRUTH in the Record (Condensed Version) By Pamela and Will Gaston

"The only way to get the Truth past the attorneys and judges is to plead your case yourself, in your Lawful Sovereign capacity. Sovereign Rights are Inherent Rights, only claimable by the Natural Man or Woman who lives and breathes and pleads their own case, the literal meaning of Sui Juris. A representative cannot claim Sovereignty for someone else, nor can an attorney exercise your Sovereign Rights in a courtroom. To force a Natural Man or Woman, free, innocent of any crime UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY OF A Crime, to give their sovereignty away to be represented by another is unconstitutional.
The attorney/bar association scheme is called "confusion of caselaw and conflicting legal theories" and we do not play that game in the courtroom. It is a facade to keep up the appearance that you need their expertise and authority to understand the law. You do not want to try to learn to be an attorney. You are your Natural Person speaking for himself, truthful, factual statements about whatever has happened to you. Sui Juris litigants insist on being treated respectfully, not as victims incapable of aggressively pleading their own cases and fighting for themselves. Attorney pleadings go on for pages without substance, like a preacher who sermonizes for an hour and says nothing of any meaning - you do not do this. Your truth is amazingly powerful and your whole goal is to speak it and enter the Truth into the Public Record.
An innocent, Natural Man or Woman is literally "above the Law". He or she stands ON a constitutional foundation as revealed below.
(1) GOD (Our Creator); (2) YOU (Child of GOD)- Sui Juris - All Natural Law and Birthrights come from Our Creator, and these rights must be protected by RESTRICTING the Government with; (3) THE STATE & FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONS AND BILLS OF RIGHTS, on which you stand and which establishes and RESTRICTS; (4) THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND "THE STATES", which includes all 3 branches of government, and all elected and appointed officials, and all bar members and attorneys; (5) Below ALL of the above is the COUNTERFEIT CORPORATE IDENTITY OR "STRAW MAN", which is a fictitious identity attached to you in the Counterfeit Reality.
The Constitution does not bestow rights on anyone. Your Inherent Rights come from your Creator. You possess them yourself naturally.
The Constitution is a restriction on the government, not on you, preventing your sovereign, Inherent Rights from being violated. Your Sovereignty exists literally where you stand, and by birthright, reiterated by the Constitution.
Yet most people mistakenly think of themselves "below" the standing of an attorney. Seeing themselves BELOW government, they are "standing under" or "understanding" that they gave their rights up when they agreed to allow someone else to "represent" them.
(Now you know what you just gave the judge when he asked if you "understood" what he was doing to you in court! And you said "yes", NOT understanding at all that it means you "stand under" in agreement with his process. The court from then on says you "admitted" that you "understood" the "charges").
An Inherent Right is a RIGHT, not a privilege, the exercise of which cannot lawfully be restricted with a tax or license or permission by the government.

The foundation outlined above, rightfully outlines the hierarchy wherein our freedom and Republican Authority of the People is found and which Authority must be asserted and exercised."

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