Monday, August 5, 2013

I HIGHLY RECOMEND You Read This FREE On Line Book!

By Pamela and Will Gaston

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Here is a sample.

Chapter 11 Undisputed Testimony Becomes Fact
"One of the Key elements in the way the STATE plays a game to prevail in court, unknown to most people, is the basic premise in the court that undisputed testimony on the Record becomes fact. If you do not speak, and dispute and object when the lies are told, these lies, undisputed, become fact. It is no different than if someone says "you broke the window" and the natural reaction of an innocent person is to say "I did not break the window", yet, in most court hearings, wild slanderous allegations are routine, the attorney does not dispute or object, and does not allow the defendant to speak or defend themselves. The People always KNOW that it FEELS wrong as they sit in the courtroom and these lies are not disputed, but they are threatened by the judge and their own attorney not to speak.
This is one of the vital importance's of insisting on speaking the Truth in the Record, and another reason why Sui Juris is so vital, not to have a parasite attorney attached to your name and your rights. The non-constitutional courts today, in particular the SOSCF tribunals called Juvenile Court, routinely allow hearsay reports of police and caseworkers, attorneys and foster parents, to be admitted in written form to manufacture a slanderous paper trail, call this "evidence" and then use this to justify taking the children.
Most people never see the records in their casefile, attorneys do not let them see their paperwork, do not get the people's discovery for their defense, and often judges and agencies tell attorneys and defendants they cannot have the records. Then the people are told it will cost them money, if they do get records. A lot of money - transcripts are thousands of dollars. When the attorneys do get the court records, they do not share these with the families, who rarely know anything about their cases in the court except that they are being screwed and every time they reach one hurdle, the bar is raised higher and more plea bargains, programs and services are being "offered", and if you are paying the attorney, there will always be a lot more money necessary to continue to 'help' you.
The People are being prevented from speaking, and not knowing the contents of reports being used to slander and incriminate them, the people have no opportunity to defend against the lies. When the casefile is opened by an advocate, or well meaning Senator, or Ombudsman, all that is seen are these malicious reports, which are designed to immediately repulse any person to doubt the integrity of the defendant. The reader's viewpoint is colored immediately, permanently, adjudged guilty, and never being allowed to defend his innocence.
The job of the attorney is to prevent and avoid all confrontation with the judge, and to prevent you from creating any confrontation either. When the lies go in undisputed, and no confrontation appears on the record, then all that goes up to the appeals court is a record that slanders you. The Court of Appeals sees no irregularities, even when the case is absolute lies and fraud, if you did not insist that your truth got on the Record about being abused, coerced and violated by the courts and agencies."

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