Monday, August 5, 2013

Introducing the first new publisher / author on the blog. ZJ Free.

ZJ Free has been a respected friend of mine for some time now. I have (with permission) copied many of his words with links here in the past. I am honored to have ZJ contributing to this blog. His contributions can only raise the bar as to what you can expect to learn from reading the posts here.

I plan on adding a few other people eventually, upon their consent to contribute to this blog.

Things are just now starting to pick up on this blog in regards to readers. Yesterday was a record day for the simple hit count. Over 400 people checked out the place and looked at the posts. We just passed 4000 views. I can only hope to encourage others to start their own blogs to repost some of the subjects covered here. Blogs have been called the new media. Forget MSM. Everyone who understands what's being said here, I wish you would start your own blogs! The blogspot blogs are free, and super easy to set up, and the search engines would then be filled with truth rather than suspicious lies. Haha, as it is now for anyone trying to look up any real law and not statutory regulations, or false information.

Blogs ARE the new MSM! Make one!

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