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I just put together this response to a member's FaceBook message question. I was being asked about identification and finger printing orders. Because the police refuse to give the individual who was speaking to them by phone, the citation / case # for a charge they are facing shortly. It is clever. The police are attempting to get this individual to come to the station to get the citation # by producing government issued ID so they can act upon him and force fingerprinting orders upon him under assumed presumed consent in the contract which is executed creating the identification which government issues, which these police will most likely demand as the only acknowledged form of identification. If he were to hand the cops that government ID and say " this is me" which is what you do by implication when you hand an officer identification, he would be saying, HI, I am an entity you can act upon and use force against without consent because I have already given said consent in the contract based upon the ID I just handed you. I am an entity with NO RIGHTS, like IBM, a corporation, Corpse being the root of the word CORPORATION (body from latin) indicating the entity has no LIFE and therefore no RIGHTS, means teh officers can do whatever they want to him really, and use as much excessive force as they wish to force him to comply with their commands, orderd, deamands, directives, and all forms of other BILLABLE services under protest and duress. he should avoid that simply by avoiding producing government ID, and use COMMON LAW IDENTIFICATION. As per the message below I am going to be putting together a template, which research for will take longer than I though, to allow people to produce their own COMMON LAW identification which is NOT government issued, but in every way very much still quite lawful and MUST be acknowledges as it will be a NOTARIZED affidavit bearing 3 signatures of members of the community who have not been convicted of a crime. ANYONE can find 3 members of their community to come to a Notary with them and attest to their identity, their lawful right of birth sovereign inhabitant, sui juris common law STANDING (as opposed to status). I have started to direct people away after much consideration, from identifying themselves as having a STATus Sui Juris is not exactly a STATUS which is why it is not of RE-presentation but PRESENTATION, so naturally and lawfully as where status indicates REPRESENTATION, it is STANDING which indicates PRESENTATION, and Sui Juris is Literally the ACTION OF, standing upon your rights alone, where as pro per and pro se are indeed statuses, and are sitting literally REPRESENTED with only mere privileges. Of course we can only stand upon those rights in court which have not been waived, this is WHY they try to get people to confess to being of infant mentality by claiming a status which indicates REPRESENTATION, instead to being presented, so they DONT have standing upon RIGHTS, but limited liability mere protections of equity PRIVILEGE. Ok heres the response given.

Citation #s are public knowledge, they cant refuse to give it to you, your entire excuse now for not comp[lying with anything is now that you could not get the citation #, they made it impossible because they require you to show up in person to get something that is public knowledge and REQUIRE you to produce identification to obtain it. Your reason for not being able to get it is that you do not possess identification, have no obligation to obtain identification, and have no VOLUNTARY DESIRE to enter into such contracts as those upon which government issues identification cards, as those adhesion type contracts are the only method in which to obtain such an identification card, which the police will accept and consider to be "VALID". Furthermore it is obvious that this citation is not being imposed upon YOU, because it requires a government issued form of identification to obtain, and you have no obligation to possess such a thing. You could even argue that the polcie are violating your RIGHT to obtain public information under COLOR OF LAW for failing to possess and produce something that you have no obligation fo law to have, so furthermore they are forcing and compelling you into a contract under protest and duress. you see without that ID card they cannot create JOINDER between YOU the living being, and THE PERSON which they CAN act upon. They want you to produce ID so they can state they had evidence you were the type of entity that they can act upon, so they can compel you under further threat of force, to finger printing. Because it is assumed one VOLUNTARILY entered the contract which lead to the ID being issued by the state, the State and its agents, can lawfully ASSUME you have consented to the terms and conditions of the registration contract.

YOU are going to do ONE more thing before you do anything, and have now to do nothing with respect to this violation save for appearance which will be under SPECIAL APPEARANCE ONLY. You tried to enter discussion to avoid conflict but could not even get the citation # out of them. It should be on the actual summons you were given if you still have it. Anyway, what you now want to do, is get together 3 upstanding members of the community. Why? Because you are going to create common law identification. I am about to create and attach for you, a template to accomplish this. It will take me about an hour to create. The reason we are doing this is because you are going to go to the police station with your common law identification, which will simply be an AFFIDAVIT, not a government issued card. The Affidavit will state your given name, WHO you were born TO, Like so many words it is important, imperative even to understand the full scope and etymology of the word BORN*[1](referenced below, reference #1). So 'who you were "BORN to" is the same as saying who you were "PRODUCED by". Things like a CERTIFICATE of BIRTH, like what happens with a motor vehicle, the MOMENT you REGISTER BIRTH, you get certificate of title, just like CERTIFICATE of BIRTH this DOCUMENT is EVIDENCE that YOU were by your parents own signed consent, BORN TO the STATE, or PRODUCED by the State. Of course that lie is endorsed by States, even ENFORCED by states criminally. But of ocurse there are ways around that assumption, mainly because this BIRTH registration contract is inherently VOID ab initio retroactively to the date it was executed because it was NOT executed by YOU you cannot be bound to it OTHER than by intimidation and fraud. The document is a fraud on its very face because it certifies that the STATE produced YOU, but the fact is a State is a ficticious entity NOT CAPABLE of REPRODUCTION or PRODCUTION even. The State produces NOTHING, it steals from those who produce by constructive fraud in these registration contracts. Another reason you rcertificate of birth is a fraud and evidence of perjury as well being signed under oath to be a certified TRUE copy, committed by the city, county, villiage, or town CLERK. You see a CERTIFIED TRUE COPY can ONLY be produced FROM AN ORIGINAL, it CANNOT derive from ANOTHER COPY and be CERTIFIED a "TRUE COPY"

Back to the point now. YOU are creating a common law identification upon the document I am about to produce and deliver to you in the next HOUR. That is step 1. Step 2 is you take that common law identification and your 3 witnesses to a notary public. You are going to have the notary STAMP subscribed and sworn next to YOUR signature, AND next to EACH signature of your 3 witnesses. You are going to have to get a notary that KNOWS YOU PERSONALLY, in order to avoid having to produce identification for that notary to verify your identity. You see a Notary that personally KNOWS you can in common law identify you without you producing government issued ID, and can verify that the signature is YOURS. Actually all we want the Notary to do, so it doesnt matter if they know you or not it isjust prefereable if they do, but all we want the notary to do is verify that the signature on the paper next to the name on the paper BELONGS to the individual signing it. ALTERNATIVELY if you cannot get a Ntoary Public to do this WITHOUT forcing you to show government issued ID, there is no act of a Notary that 3 upstanding members of a community cannot perform. Ya know what scratch that I am just going to set this document up so that YOU are not even SIGNING it. I am going to set it up so that the 3 upstanding members of the community you find who DO have government issued ID, can befoer a Notary, prove their identity with their government ID, and then get the Notary after verifying their identities, right by their signatures, by EACH witness who will sign BEFORE the Notary, SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN. The idea is that the 3 witnesses you have will be on this affidavit, attesting to YOUR identity,, and identifying WHO YOU ARE, (by yor GIVEN NAME ONLY) and who your family is (your last name converted into a FAMILY name). These WITNESSES will be witnessing YOUR IDENTITY, and attest, holding the same root word as testify, will simply be giving a statement under OATH that THEY know who you are. AND that the individual in the affidavit so described and identified IS YOU. THEY are the ones who execute this affidavit, NOT YOU. But you carry this affidavit with you every where you go and it will be EVIDENCE of who you are. It is LAWFUL COMMON LAW IDNTIFICATION. I will have this ready shortly, EVERYONE should be doing this anyway, and EVERYONE can and I hope soon WILL be using this to replace their existing REAL ID. The beauty is that THIS identification MUST entitle you as a matter of common law and equal rights, to ALL of the privileges, benefits and rights afforded to ALL individuals.

That means you should and MUST as a matter of LAW be able to use this document to CROSS the border into mexico and Canada just like an ENHANCED DRIVER'S LICENCE. Most people never needed the very license that they HAVE so certainly have no need to "ENHANCE" (Imperialize) it. In theory it COULD be used as a passport to other countries as well. The reason you can use this for mexico and Canada is because of certain contractual arrangements between America Canada and mexico. it is important to understand that ALL which is allowed in civil law is also allowed in common law, so they cannot stop you from crossing the border using this LAWFULLY. That does not however mean they will not act lawlessly and refuse to recognize this affidavit. it is a crime to do so because it is notarized it MUST be accepted as true.

And again I expect the police to refuse to acknowledge this as a lawful form of identification and to refuse to give you the citation #, which is an EVENT YOU SHOUDL RECORD ON VIDEO. THIS alone will give you evidence that there is no matter concerning YOU before ANY COURT. Ok Im on this now.

Born, FROM past participle of beran past participle boren
beran alternative p (see bear "carry a burden, bring" "to bear, bring;

bring forth, produce; to endure, sustain; to wear"

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