Friday, August 30, 2013

The Sui Juris 10 Commandments

By: Rob Johnson  
Let me put it this way, regarding any charge that does not have an element of harm if you are not doing the below you are not using my work at all. No harm done for using others work in the past. We learn from our experiences. Going forward do this.The Sui Juris 10 Commandments.

1 Sign everything from cops under protest and duress

2. Answering summons with conditional acceptance following through to protest for non acceptance w Notary

3 PRESENTING yourself at initial hearing SUI JURIS AUTONOMOUS, by special appearance ONLY.

4. Determining whether or not there is a complaining party.

5. IMMEDIATELY upon establishing no complaining party, moving to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction and CONCLUDING SPECIAL APPEARANCE.

6. After concluding special appearance NO MATTER WHAT the court says JUST WALK OUT.( Takes balls but displays sovereignty)

7. SIMPLY EXERCISING YOUR RIGHT (Like Robert Forgette). because the first step to HAVING rights is ACTING like you HAVE RIGHTS. It does not

matter if you have rights if you continue to behave as a slave requesting permission to exercise them.

8. Empower your Notary Public. After you have succeeded OR FAILED in this matter, you can hold the Notary accountable for refusing to do their DUTY. You can hold the Notary liable for ALL fees you incurred because they refused to do their duty and witness you properlyu offering discussion. So you EITHER empower your notary and get cooperation OR hold them accountable and then criminally charge them as well. NO MIDDLE GROUND.

9.Serve Notice of Criminal Complaint upon your Sheriff regarding ANY violations of your rights committed by any officers, meaning you get their names and badge numbers, and then hold them accountable for being the criminals.

10 Begin to BELIEVE and ACT like the SOVEREIGN KING you are. Exercise that sovereign will by taking that fucking license out of your wallet nd leaving it at home. You do not have to cut the thing up nor even give it back. The registration is what you are voiding. You can just leave it at home. If the officer doesn't see THAT or some other government issued photo ID they are in real trouble and had better let you go. Never allow the lies of the court to become your truths or to allow them to intimidate you into contracting or believing you owe them money.

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