Thursday, August 29, 2013

"It's none of your business"

Haaaaaaahahahaha! This is some funny shit right here. "It's none of your business" she told them about a dozen times.

She (and or her boyfriend) has seen a few video's, or is a member on a site or page or two, but really does not grasp what is going on, or what her rights are. (Same as myself about two years ago) The number of times she grants them consent to be doing what they are doing, is just beyond counting! (not unlike the last time I was pulled over)

I give her a ton of credit for standing on what she thinks her rights are, and eventually being let go from arrest. She was under arrest the second they would not let her leave, and told her she was being detained. IF YOUR NOT FREE TO GO, YOUR UNDER ARREST! PERIOD! 5TH AMENDMENT PROTECTION TIME! At that point, you do not need to tell them if you have a bugger in your nose let alone provide them with anything they can use against you in a court of kangaroo shit. She provided enough information to them that they had every right to pull her and her boyfriend out of the car and beat and taze them to death the way cops are these days.

Hey, those of you who know what she did wrong, will get a kick out of this one. Those of you who don't know where she fucked up, if you try to do this like her pretty little blond ass did, expect the worst to happen. Ya better learn a few things if you insist on being a federal citizen and standing on privileges, because these cocksuckers have the privilege of removing your privileges these days. They are no different than jail house Trustees, but with a pirates badge. Hell, they used to fly a flag, but now they just wear badges to show they have letters of mark to carry out their unlawful activities.

These guys are the pussy versions of the SS!

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