Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fun at the DMV? Hahaha! Pin them down!

If you want to have a little fun, call up the DMV and ask for a supervisor. Cite the statute in your state's motor vehicle code that relates to the "owner" (it should have some language similar to Nevada's; the owner has legal title to the motor vehicle).

You: "If I register my car with the DMV, it is my understanding that I am the owner with legal title correct?"

DMV: They will say "Yes"

You: "If I hold legal title, who then has equitable title?"

This is where the fun begins. They may act stupid and not know. If that happens, ask them to forward you to someone that does. If they say the state owns equitable title...

You: "Am I obligated to register my property for inferior title when I have no intent of engaging in a for hire capacity on the public highways for private gain? It is my understanding that I cannot be compelled into any contract without full disclosure and consent."

If they say "no", then great. Have them put it in writing. If they say "yes", ask them by who's authority must I do so and have them put it in writing. If you do an administrative default process via notice, that will be evidence of their willful ignorance and deception. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

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