Monday, August 19, 2013

Governments job is to secure rights, and govern those who consent.

I was indoctrinated to believe that government had a “right” to tax income, by virtue of the 16th amendment, and that I only had taxable privileges to live, to work, to travel, and to own land and a home. I was instilled with rote learning and mimicked behavior regarding knee jerk patriotism and “making the world safe for Democracy.”
In essence, I was brainwashed by the most diabolical experts, reinforced by the world’s greatest propaganda ministry.

All I was told was a lie - almost. To transform the lies into truths, requires only one thing : my consent. Without my consent to be a subject citizen, voluntary enrollment into FICA, or my ignorant claims to be a resident residing at a residence, the collectivist State would have no delegated power to govern me.

Every abuse, every tyrannical act, every thing we think is “unconstitutional,” can be traced back to our consent.

And you will please note that NO mass media mouthpiece, left wing, right wing or lunatic fringe wing dares to even whisper : “withdraw consent!”
If you begin at the beginning, the Declaration of Independence spells it out.
Job #1 =

If you haven’t consented, all that government is authorized to do to you is “secure rights.” How? Prosecute deliberate injury. Adjudicate accidental injury. That’s it.
When you examine all the reams of regulatory and restrictive rules, you will find that they are limited in scope, venue and applicability. Invariably, such policy laws are made convoluted so as to hide their true nature. In contrast, when you examine laws that punish deliberate injury (i.e., murder, theft, assault, etc.) they are plainly written and easy to comprehend.

The bottom line - until you withdraw consent, no remedy is possible. After you withdraw consent, no remedy is needed... at least with respect to the honorable oath bound public servants. As to the rogues - well - they wouldn't have honored their oaths, either way.

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