Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just passed 10,000 page views last night!

Chris otf Duke

That's a milestone for a relatively new blog. When I was running my motorcycle blog, it would get at least that many page views per week haha. I've been fighting the urge to by cynical about that and saying, I guess people prefer their motorcycles to freedom. That may be true. Although, like I said, this is still a new blog and has not picked up much following yet. Also, I don't believe my cynicism is unfounded. Motorcycles are advertised and sold as freedom. Unfortunately, they are only a feeling of freedom. If they were anything more than a symbol of freedom, you wouldn't have to beg someone and pay them extortion for permission to ride the damn thing!

Time to light a fire under everyone's ass and get them to recognize what's been going on and why. People who have to ask for permission to exercise their rights are not by any means free.

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