Tuesday, September 24, 2013


By: Rick Carne
in the beginning they seize title to the name and therefore, they have given you that name to use in their system where you will always maintain complete indemnity from it. That the state has basically took on full liability for anything one does in that name. You are just using it. They gave you a certificate of it so obviously they authorized you to use it and anything you do in that name, the state receives all benefits from it therefore, the state has all liability for it. The problem is everyone is going in believing they are that name or believing that is their name and by making claim to that name the state is just stepping back and saying Great, thanks for volunteering. You want the liability we'll let you have it.

The liability stays with the one who benefits. So anything that you purchase, anything that you buy in that name, is then property of the state cause they're the beneficiary.

They get to have all the major items you buy registered to the state and they securitize off of the titles and deeds. You open bank accounts in the name, and sign all those checks in the name and the state gets to securitize off all that paper... http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Usufructuary


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