Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One thing no government ever runs out of is excuses.

If excuses were as valuable as gold, we would all be rich.

Not only are they sorry excuses, they do nothing but make excuses to screw you and take your money.

When they fuck up, guess what. More excuses. 

They fabricate excuses to go to war for bankers who have their own excuses.

Then when they have taken over a country and ruined their economy, they come up with even more excuses to stay.

If you consent to them, then you are the 'by excuses' part of this meme.

Oh sure, they give you plenty of excuses to vote for them.

Then you make your own excuses to go ahead with it.

Nothing but excuses from cradle to grave.

When your mom gets pregnant, there are excuses for that.

And then when you die, plenty of people have excuses why they can't make the funeral.

Enough excuses already people.

Grow a set, learn your rights, and start standing on them instead of excuses.

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