Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some last words about Ron Paul, what happened and why.

Yeah, even though I knew at the time that voting for anyone was a simple consent issue, and that the elections are all rigged, I was a supporter of his. Helped to put this giant flyer up at a strip mall in Carson, Ca where it could be seen by millions stuck in traffic on the 405 freeway.

If there was ever a Statesman in office, it was this man. His record showed how he represented the Republican Form Of Government rather than the fascist democracy going on all around him.

The big question I had, having been involved with the whole thing, at the very end, was 'why does he not do something about the obvious in your face cheating going on?' A ton of people went to bat at this time pointing out all the irregularities such as vote counts being tallied and posted before the vote was even taken at the RNC. If that didn't smack you in the face then NOTHING will. It's noteworthy to mention that the exact same thing also happened at the DNC convention.

At the time for myself, the only natural conclusion I could come up with was that it's all rigged. This much is true. But it was only a symptom of reasons on the larger scale hidden from the view of most people. At the time, myself included. This bigger reason being the reason I believe Ron Paul ran in the election. Not to become Chief CIO and president of THE UNITED STATES, but rather to point out to the public the bigger picture.

To demonstrate the BIG picture, one must look at corporate structure. Investors / Shareholders -> the Board Of Directors -> then the employees (Trustees) of the corporation. The ones behind the scenes answering the phones, placing orders, mopping the floors, and carrying out the day to day activities. The trustees also include the management. The CEO is a trustee who answers to the board of directors. A US president is merely a managerial job. They call it the executive branch, but he must answer to his bosses, the board of directors and the investors / shareholders. This is why they all appear to be puppets. They are puppets. They do as their told. Here's a chart showing the basic corporate structure.

So you ask yourself, how is this possible? This is not what I was told in (government run) school. The answer is pretty simple. America has been in a perpetual state of bankruptcy. I won't argue if it began before, during or after the revolution, the war of 1812, 1861, 1871, Roosevelt's New Deal in the 1930's, etc. That's irrelevant to this post and the point I'm making here. If anything, those dates only mark a reorganization of the assets under the bankruptcy laws. Those of you who have studied our history and done your homework know the significance to the above mentioned dates.

So, in a bankruptcy, who is in control of everything? The creditors. Who are the creditors of the US Gov? Look at the top corporate chart. The creditors are the Shareholders represented in this basic chart. So who are they by name? Well, the international banking cartel, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the CFR (Counsel on Foreign Relations) work together as the Board of directors along with the UN. Look at who owns the big international banking institutions and you will have your answer.

I could write my own book on the whole thing, but this is just a simple blog post, so I'll cut it off right here. How does the above tie in with why Ron Paul didn't go for it and hold the cheaters accountable at the end? Well, he's no dummy. He knows how it works. He understands that the trustees (US citizens) do not appoint the CEO of a / the company. The Shareholders got who they wanted as puppet for the next 4 years, Obozo. I don't believe there was much he could of done that wouldn't have got him to meet a tragic accident. For those who were listening, he said volumes. His actions, as well as his inaction's said more than he was allowed to articulate openly. He even talked about opting out. THAT is the only REAL answer. HE GAVE US THE ANSWER! VACATE THE SYSTEM, AND QUIT YOUR JOB AS A TRUSTEE WHERE YOUR VERY LIFE IS PLEDGED AGAINST THE NATIONAL DEBT! STOP BEING A SUBJECT TO THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT! For one to say they are a US citizen is the same as an Englishman of Frenchman or German to claim they are EU citizens. The US and the EU are both corporations, run as corporations for profit. We were given the gift of sovereignty. We've been tricked into giving away our personal sovereignty to the Federal government by consent threw social programs and adhesion contracts. FIRST, learn what your rights are, then stand on them, void all adhesion contracts, and make a Claim Of Right. It is the only solution. Thank you Ron Paul for helping me to see that!

Who are you? What are your rights? Do you know the answers to these two questions? Most people have no clue. Check out this video that helps explain who you are, and what your rights are. This video should be shown and explained to kids at the preschool level. While they still fully understand words like NO, and MINE so as they do not forget their meaning like most adults these days have.


  1. What a great video! This blog post parallels my own thinking. I'm seeing the whole thing come back to what is between our ears. If we have allowed ourselves to have been socially engineered into consenting to oppression we are getting what we deserve.

  2. Thanks for the comment Legalbear.
    Yes, we who exercise our free will get just what we deserve. Those who just go with the flow of some destiny are the zombies.