Wednesday, October 16, 2013



When people ask, “What is the solution?” There is no simple solution. Part of the nation’s woes derive from the democratic form of government, part of the problem is embedded in the USCON (money, usury, bankruptcy, excepted classes), part of the problem is fraud (i.e., consent), and part of the problem is good people misled to do bad things in order to achieve their goals.

Via FICA / Social Security, the recipient mindset was institutionalized. No recipient will support candidates that do not support maintaining or increasing their “benefits,” regardless of the cost to the nation. Once the recipients outvoted the donors, the slippery slide to a totalitarian police state was inevitable. . . or utter collapse. (When the fleas overwhelm the dog, the dog dies... then the fleas.)

Via money madness and usury, the masters of money could repeatedly skin alive the sheeple, and demand their gratitude that they are allowed to regrow their skin. If a sheeple got too badly skinned and needed bankruptcy protection, the usurers were absolved of the hassle and cost of prosecuting and let the bankruptcy courts divide up the assets among the creditors.

Compulsory “voluntary” charity under bureaucratic administration is the hallmark of socialist slavery. The alleged good for the benefit of the pitiful is outweighed by the abominable burdens and parasitic overhead imposed by institutionalized public charity. Worse, it is a rich target for every con man and scam artist. Frankly, penalizing the productive for the benefit of the non-productive is unjust, and will destroy any civilization embracing such foolishness.

Money madness has civilization by the throat, and is choking it. Consider that recent advances in technology and automation allow more to be produced for less human labor. That should be a beneficial advancement, boosting prosperity for all. But under money madness, more laborers are pushed out of jobs, jobs needed to acquire money tokens. That leaves them only two other options : charity or predation. The alternative solution is for productive people to use their power to emit private mediums of exchange to account for their labor and production. Thus productive people and industries are not throttled by the machinations of the money masters. A laborer can emit notes denominated in hours of his labor and trade them at the grocery store or pay bills with them. A farmer can emit notes denominated in his harvest. A businessman can emit notes denominated in that which his business produces. These notes facilitate future trade. The more available production and labor exists, the more notes are available to “buy” them.

As to the simplified remedy, it boils down to extricating oneself from voluntary socialism, usury and submission to the state. Restore one’s status as a sovereign American domiciled upon private property - where you can exercise natural liberty. Cease exercising any revenue taxable privilege - usury - etc. Enjoy the blessings of the republican form of government. Build prosperity in your local economy with private mediums of exchange that are outside the purview of the government and the usurers. Once prodigious production of surplus usable goods and services is established, then one can be generous to those who are pitiful and in need. Cooperate locally to boost prosperity, such as our ancestors did with barn and house raisings. Help your neighbor, especially when he’s in need. And remind government that job #1 is to secure rights, not infringe rights, and job #2 is to govern only those who consent. Anything more is suspect. Anything less is unacceptable.

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