Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stateism Is A Mental Illness

 Pic from Mad Max

“We can go one small step further and ask the question, “Do I support the use of violence against myself?” At the end of the day, all laws and policies that we dispassionately and apathetically assume will apply only to other groups of people in the abstract can ALWAYS ultimately be used against us. As a perfect example of this, here in the state of Queensland, Australia the state government has just passed the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill, which criminalizes membership in motorcycle gangs and makes gathering in groups of more than three such members a jailable offense. These new laws are now the most draconian anti-association laws in the world. And while no one I know supports the activities of criminal motorcycle gangs, a quick read of the first few pages of the bill will demonstrate to anyone with half a brain just how broadly this legislative act can be applied within the definition of “a member of an association”. So the question is not, “Should members of criminal motorcycle gangs be prevented from associating with whoever they wish?” but rather, “Should I be prevented from associating with whomever I wish?” “Do I support the use of violence and force against myself?” Framed in that context, the abstract is drawn into sharp personal focus and statism is seen for what it truly is – the advocating of violence and force against oneself.”

"Support of statism is therefore the ultimate form of masochism, self-loathing and self-betrayal – essentially, a form of mental illness. So next time someone says, “Oh but we need the police to enforce whatever” or “people shouldn’t be allowed to whatever” or “this thing that offends me should be banned”, never mind asking “against me?”, strike to the very heart of the matter and ask them the ultimate question, the most personal question of all, “Do you support the use of violence and force against yourself?” To any sane person, the answer should be obvious."

- Marissa Nielsen

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