Friday, October 25, 2013

Contracts, Privileges, Sovereignty, Liability, and Rights

By: Rob Johnson

While my internet was down last week, I had the chance to read Rob's book 'Sui Juris Law' for the second time. I've been meaning to write a detailed review of the book to post here on the blog, and have been wanting to read it again anyway. I will be writing that review sometime in the next couple weeks, but for now let it just be said that it's a good book and I recommend reading it. 

THE very MOST important thing to understand about SOVEREIGNTY, and claiming and exercising it in stead of CITIZENSHIP, is that CITIZENSHIP is a contract where the would be prospective citizen pledges an oath of allegiance in exchange for a duty of protection. That most important thing to understand is that the duty of protection is an illusion, it doesnt exist, because government has asserted no duty to protect ANYONE. The fact is and this is the fear that most people approaching sovereignty are accosted by that manipulates people into keeping their distance away from sovereignty and holding, clinging desperately TO citizenship, and so here it is.

The fact is that ALL individuals BORN here have a fundamental BIRTHRIGHT to exist here, and that ALL individuals are entitled to ALL of the protections afforded to anyone by LAW, natural freedom, individual autonomous rights, and JUSTICE above all. The fact is that ALL individuals are entitled to the protections of LAW, these protections are NOT what is exchanged in citizenship for allegiance, those protections are of LIMITED LIABILITY. So, to clarify, those who are SOVEREIGN, and refuse to contract for CITIZENSHIP, have not LOST ANY of the protections of LAW, they only lose protections of LIMITED LIABILITY. So one who is sovereign MUST accept a great deal of personal responsibility for their own actions to ensure that they cause no harm to anyone while exercising rights. It si a BIG responsibility but not all that difficult to fulfill. Simply using common sense in most cases is sufficient. The problem is that government wants people to believe that only CITIZENS are afforded the protections of law with respect to their rights, but this is completely false, utter fabrication, and bald faced LIES. The fact is that you are not OBLIGATED to BECOME a CITIZEN to secure the protections of LAW, you were BORN with them. The only protection you secure via citizenship are FINANCIAL in nature, of LIMITED LIABILITY. LIABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY are very different things. RESPONSIBILITY is a common law attribute, LIABILITY is an attribute of maritime admiralty equity.

This is important because the State has recently gotten it into its head that it can strip all rights from an individual by stripping their citizenship, and to do so require NO EVIDENCE per NDAA, and a mere ACCUSATION of "terrorism" can now be used like a modern day witch hunt to crucify anyone who disagrees with anythign the State does. It is true that the State can strip the CITIZENSHIP of ANY citizen and as such they can remove ALL of the PRIVILEGES accompanying citizenship, privileges which identically mimic RIGHTS. The fact of the matter however is that NO entity can strip the SOVEREIGNTY of another. It is as true today as it was over 235 years ago that ONLY a JURY can remove RIGHTS from an individual. So as much as NDAA wants to purport, it is NOT TRUE, government CANNOT remove the rights of an individual nor the protections of due process of law, all they can do is manipulate people into believing and agreeing in contract with a court that they can do so. In reality it is the individual that strips themselves of their rights, not the state doing it, the State is just the puppeteer pulling at the strings of the most primal survival mechanisms.

So the truth is the exact opposite once again as what most people are programmed to believe. And that single most important fact in summation, is that claiming SOVEREIGNTY and rejecting CITIZENSHIP, is that one does not WAIVE, or LOSE, the most fundamental protections of their rights, which literally ARE the law, the very highest law, by claiming sovereignty and rejecting citizenship. The truth is that ACCEPTING citizenship is where you waive all RIGHTS and protections of LAW, and VOLUNTARILY so in CONTRACT, exchanging them for mere PRIVILEGED PROTECTIONS OF LIMITED LIABILITY, NOT the other way around like they want you to believe. Absent a jury only your consent can remove your rights and exchange them for these privileges which CAN be stripped or revoked at any time by the grantor. ALL privileges can be revoked at any time by the grantor where as RIGHTS are absolute, and untouchable.

For example. I own a home with a front lawn. My neighbor and I are friends. I permit my neighbor to cut across my lawn extending a privilege, so he does not have to walk all the way around. The fact that I have extended a privilege does not OBLIGATE ME the GRANTOR to continue to extend that privilege. ANY day I choose I can revoke the privilege and refuse to allow my neighbor the privilege of crossing my property. I can do this for ANY reason, or NO reason. On the other hand, there is NOTHING I can do to stop my neighbor from doing what they want on THEIR property. They have a right to exist on THEIR property, and a PRIVILEGE to exist temporarily upon MY property per the privilege extended. This is a FORM of contract, it is an agreement, which is all ANY contract is. A contract is simply an agreement with terms clearly established in writing.

So again after detailing completely as I have done, in summary, an individual claiming sovereignty is actually in a BETTER position to avoid having their rights violated, and actually has recourse if they are, where as a citizen can have their privileges removed at any time. Violating someone's privileges is not an actionable offense, there is no recourse for citizens against their grantors, just as my neighbor has no recourse to complain if I revoke his privilege to cut across my lawn. I hope this puts things into perspective well. THIS is the nature of sovereignty, and exercising these rights as well as defending them is the very heart and essence of what Sui Juris Law is all about.

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