Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to Present Yourself In Court

How to Present yourself.

"You start by NEVER claiming to RE-present yourself. Doing this aloe will give the court cause to determine you Non compos mentis. You are standing there, plain as day in the court, OBVIOUSLY yourself, claiming to RE-present yourself. Of course the judge looks down upon PRO SE and PRO PER litigants, they are both claiming a status of RE-presentation.

THESE are the fundamentals that make the difference between case dismissed or default judgment in YOUR favor, and extensive fines that YOU agreed to in ignorance or were decided upon your behalf because you went to court and claimed to be an idiot in front of the judge. Again not directing this anger at anyone in specific, just at the general state of knowledge. KNOWING YOUR STANDING is essential in court.

If you appear weak you are going to get walked all over, if you are confident because you know what you are talking about you will win.

Court is not a luck thing it is a LAW thing, and by the time my readers get to court they have already won. Jamie beat me to this a little bit, but i had to elaborate a bit. YOUR STANDING literally IS YOUR RIGHTS and STATUS.

When you go into court you claim to be nothing other than a sovereign inhabitant making special appearance only presenting yourself Sui Juris.

This is a powerful statement and if you know what it means, the judge will know you know what it means and will FIND a reason to dismiss the case.

They just DO NOT act against those who are aware. They depend upon fear to make people cower and intimidate them into contracting with them, and then they got ya. But not really.

Even agreements with courts can be undone if they were not willful and voluntary of fully informed consent.

If you were threatened with ANY consequence the contract is under protest and duress and is VOID"


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