Saturday, October 26, 2013

A good idea for everyone to do on their own.

"Haven't been here much lately, but there's a pattern that needs addressing. Many people in the freedom/ pro se, sui juris movements tend to ignore the rules in place governing the courts attacking them.

Do yourself a favor and get familiar with the state's rules of court procedure.
The judges are ignoring your notices and claims because they aren't obligated to honor them outside of the rules.

You can beat them with their own rules as well or better than you can with anything else.

I believe that using their own rules is critical also in that they have to violate their own rules in order to violate your rights. Bringing that into the light of day will help everyone."

Everyone should look up and know the local court rules in their areas.
I just did a simple Google search for "Rules of civil procedure, rules of criminal procedure, traffic court rules, California" and immediately found out that I still needed to be more specific. If you know the name of your local courts that would be good, and also the county.

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