Sunday, October 13, 2013

Withdrawing consent is the single most powerful tactic that would collapse the usurer / socialist alliance ruling the American people.


Unfortunately, there are consequences.
★ Offhand, without sufficient collateral on the notes, the paper currency system will collapse. Worthless notes will not be acceptable, and fortunes denominated in same will evaporate.

★ Without hordes of voluntary subjects to control, nor recipients to manage, the administration will cease to dominate (or meddle).

★ Without prodigious revenue streams, the government will not be able to afford to bribe and control, nor fund a standing army, nor engage in unWars in foreign lands.

★ When people cease contracting for usury, all investments based on usury are void. Financiers will be ruined.

So, in one fell swoop, the economic structure of the United States - and even the world - would be brought to the brink of utter collapse.

Chaos is insufficient to describe what will follow.

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