Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Specifically what posture you take while in court. If you say or do ANYTHING to show that you stand under the courts authority, you have already been convicted of their claims.

"Jairod Roeder Asks : Paul, is demanding notice of the law the same as demanding the nature and cause? 24 minutes ago

Paul Rowe responded :

Finally! a dozen groups and thousands of wanna be jail house, prison planet lawyers , students and paralegals... and, Finally! Some one found the Rabit hole !!! Some one asked the MOST IMPORTANT question of all.
Notice, is everything. You are entitled to actual notice, fair and proper notice, and notice reasonably calculated to afford you an opportunity to respond with respect to each and every element of the charge and the process, clarification and definition of terms... IF YOU BOTHER TO ASK FOR IT... and if you don't ask, you WILL BE DENIED due process, because they are using two set of dictionaries, and two sets of rules, and making two sets of books. Cause Its the only way any one can be convicted of anything, the system has become so utterly contradictory.
Notice of the jurisdiction the charge is brought in, notice of the law or grounds upon which the claim or charge is brought, notice of the nature and cause for the charge or claim, notice of... any evidence to be used to prove criminal intent... everything... pursuant to your right to DISCOVERY, clarification and definition of terms... until you UNDERSTAND that you are guilty, because you really, really, want to help them convict you, step by step... means, opportunity, and most importantly, MOTIVE.

When they say person, what do they mean? When they ask your name, are you asking if im the man or woman given that christian name, or are you addressing the incorporated creature of statute created by government. And in this, NOTICE, is victory. You can just keep asking questions, and one you learn to ask questions you already know the answer to, I one hundred percent in my full liability capacity guarantee and do so promise, that you will prevail, and they will give up.

It is only by NOT providing notice of the fact that they are misapplying something, or perverting something somewhere in the administration of law not in accordance with the rules of procedure, in violation of due process requirements, that they presume to prosecute any case at all. If you ask the right questions, they must, and will, run from the right line of questioning regarding procedure or the law (forget the facts in your case they are irrelevant), they must run and withdraw or eventually convict themselves on record with their answers. And when you start asking the simplest, fundamental questions of law and procedure, the act is destroyed, the illusion is broken, the emperor has no cloths.

Do the crime, do the time. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Fair NOTICE : who am I to you and who are you to me? By what authority? By what law in what jurisdiction according to what rules? He who brings the claim must bring the remedy, and full disclosure.

Ask and you shall receive.

Is this a court of the judiciary, or a for profit corporate business? Cause if its a for profit corporate business (they all are now since 69) they cannot exercise the powers of government or police, fairly and impartially, in accordance with the requirements of DUE PROCESS, because they are biased and prejudiced by dual obligation. Can you give me fair notice of how this game is played? What are the rules for natural persons, American citizens, incorrectly charged as artificial persons and US citizens by a court who refuses to recognize they are breathing and speaking and not a creature of statute created by government identity theft of your name to create a business front, offended at the derogatory name calling from the start, with intent to diminish your rights and legal status in law by false designation and classification of your person in law. Its a frame up, from the moment you receive the paper work to the DEFENDANT OR RESPONDENT CORPORATE FRANCHISE PERSON."

~Paul Paul Rowe ~

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