Thursday, October 10, 2013

You And I Are The Power

We are the power that fuels the political machines.

I didn't have a real clue what the movie was actually representing when I happened to catch it on regular TV (back when there still was such a thing) late at night trying to fall asleep so I could go to work the next day. I didn't see it until years after it was out of the theaters. I didn't think I would like it from the commercials. Man was I wrong! I was just about asleep when Neo stepped threw the looking glass, and then I was wide awake the whole night! The movie hit a nerve, but it wasn't till years later I discovered just why that was. The symbolism is indeed brilliant.

The people themselves hold all the power. If they only realized that fact. The only real power these charlatans thrive off of is consent. If you give them your consent to rule over you, then you have no right to complain. The whole left v right paradigm is set up to keep you as human cattle, consenting slaves to the wishes of the few.

Remove your consent and show them a real shutdown. In order to do that, you will have to learn a few things. There is no magic red or blue pill for you to swallow. Your trip threw the looking glass is a long one. It is your human right to freedom of choice that will allow you to make the journey. If you decide not to make the journey, you are no more than a zombie battery. Be free, or be a zombie, it's your choice. The information is out there. A lot of it is here on this blog with more being added every day.

Check out the links on the sidebar and at the bottom of the page and start studying. Stop being consenting slaves!

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