Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Are You Properly Indoctrinated?

Republican Form of Government

Let us question your level of indoctrination.

1. Was America’s governments created by (a) all the people, or (b) some of the people?
1.a. If all people did consent, but not all could vote, how did they give consent?
1.b. If all people did not consent, then government does not have the delegated power to govern those who did not consent. (See: Declaration of Independence, 1776)
2. If government has the delegated power to secure rights, does it have the power to tax rights?
(c) yes, (d) no.
2.a. If government has the power to tax rights, doesn’t that infringe or diminish those rights?
(e) yes, (f) no.
2.c. If government has no power to tax rights, then it can only tax privileges it grants.
(g) correct, (h) incorrect.
3. If a government was created by some people, who consented to be governed, can they break their obligation to help secure rights of all the people - which includes those who did not consent?
(i) yes, (j) no.
4. Any servant government or its subject people who ignore their obligation to serve the sovereign people and secede are (k) exercising state’s rights or (l) in breach of their compact.
5. If a “dollar bill” is a note, a promise to pay face value in the future, and it is not a certificate (receipt) for money in the vault, then what “value” does it have when Congress repudiated their promise to redeem them?
(m) face value, (n) no par value.
6. Other than the U.S. government, who else are liable parties on the “dollar bills” (Federal Reserve notes)?
(o) Federal Reserve corporation, (p) all Americans, (q) enumerated “Human Resources” via FICA.
7. If a pauper is a status criminal, because he is accepting charity from the public treasury, what is the difference between a pauper and a recipient of entitlements under FICA?
(r) a participant has a right to entitlements, (s) no difference.
8. If a vagrant (homeless) was a status criminal before 1935, why aren’t all enumerated “human resources” treated like vagrants now?
(t) It is inconvenient to enforce the law, (u) they are status criminals - guilty until proven innocent, (v) stop asking embarrassing questions !

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  1. ANSWERS: 1(b), 2(d), 2a(e), 2c(g), 3(j), 4(l), 5(n), 6(q), 7(s), 8(u).