Sunday, June 16, 2013

By: Jamie Weare Notsheep Barker:

OT to be Governed as is the Free Choice of All inhabitants.

This is the bases of Our Freedom within this Society and if we Cant retract our Consent then we are Not Governed by our Consent, WE ARE SLAVES..

STATUTES are Only given force of law "by your Consent" and being that's the case then it only stands to reason that if we Retract our Consent then STATUTES are NOT given force of law by your Consent.

Slaves have No choices, they are Ordered what to do not requested..

Slaves are held to a Life under the Rule of another that they did Not Consent to and forced into labor and then made give up their earnings to those whom hold him captive.

We all live in this world together, but we do not all play part in the same "Society"..

Society being a collective of Free inhabitants coming together in a mutual Agreement to adhere to a certain set of "rules" previously "CONSENTED" to.

Each inhabitant does their part within said system because they have made the Free Choice to participate within said system.

At any time any Free inhabitant makes the "CHOICE" to Not be part of a system/Society and that system/Society Refused to recognize the Free inhabitants Choice and HONOR it, then that inhabitant is No longer Free.

I ask you now,

I am a Free inhabitant being treated as a Slave.. Are You?

I have retracted my consent to be governed by way of the sheriff using a Notice of Understanding, Intent, Claim of Right, Fee Schedule and Permanent Estoppel by Acquiescence, defaulted upon.

My wife and I married Common Law, recognized by a judge in documentation (first time Ohio has recognized Common Law marriages since the early 90s

I have documents from a government agency stating I no longer qualify for benefits do to the fact I am Not a U.S. citizen. (only took me 3 months to get them to see it my way after I pointed out their fraud).

I receive No benefits and I reserve All Rights.

I live openly in accordance with Common Law while applying a Sui Juris philosophy to my existence.

I do Not give STATUTES force of law by my consent.

I understand that my rights only end where another's begin.


Now ask yourself, if a Free inhabitant retracts his Consent and lives openly as No part of said System and that System FORCES said Free inhabitant to live as a member of that Society, Would that Society/System not be forcing you into Slavery?

We have Choices and when any entity Strips us of those Choices then We are no longer Free.

We are prisoners and Slaves.

Please Honor all Free Choices made by the Free inhabitants of this world.

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