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 October 5, 2013 at 2:45pm 

ObamaCare is by Implied Consent Only!

By Robyna Choleton, October 5, 2013

"ObamaCare" is by implied consent only.  Such implied consent may be denied by affidavit that can be recorded as a public statement.  Americans have unalienable sovereignty -- and properly understood, this means their public serv-ANTS may NOT foist a contract over the American public (whether voters or not), without opportunity for the public to disclaim the presumption. 

Formally refuse ObamaCare by submitting one's affidavit in truth* to the offending agency which pretends that ObamaCare applies to all Americans, when it does not.  ObamaCare may only apply by adhesion contract to those who don't know what their own sovereignty means.  An affidavit submitted that is not timely rebutted by an intended recipient, becomes valid in its standing, and thereby releases the affiant from any unwanted presumption.  All presumptions of implied consent by corporate "government" (in name only), need to be formally disclaimed.

Note:  This is not "legal" advice.  "Legal advice" is apparently only available from licensed attorneys, if you can find one of them; they don't exist.  [An attorney's bar card is not a state-issued license, since the Bar Association is a private closed-shop union, which was established under the hegemony of and subordination to the Lawyers Guild of London, et al, an alien cabal which perpetually seeks to undermine American sovereignty].

A template on Word is available which may be customized to one's own data, for formally withdrawing one's consent to ANYTHING the corporate government (either state of federal) has foisted, or attempts to foist unlawfully upon living flesh and blood Americans.  No one has to accept corporately created ObamaCare, period.

* A copy of a "Notice of Affidavit, and Affidavit of Withdrawal of Consent" template, may be requested by email, at <>.

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