Saturday, October 5, 2013

Non criminals being harvested for organ transplants.

I'm watching a show right now about Chinese organ transplants. It's a sham that they are called donors. They arrest people who have committed no crimes, and shoot them for their organs when some rich guy needs a new part. This is the stuff that real monster movies are made from. Red Reign is the name of the show. I'm watching it on Hulu Plus. I'm sure it' available on Netflix and probably youtube as well.

The politics are crafted to make some countries sound like such good guys. I'll just consider that part of the usual propaganda we are all so used to these days. Look past that tripe. What is going on with organ transplants, not only in China, is reprehensible. These people are monsters. Just how far do you think the US is from such activities with the complete privatization of prisons? Their only job is to turn a buck. Think about that.

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